Cabinet Refacing

Get a “new kitchen” look without the “new kitchen” price tag! If you need an updated look for your kitchen, cabinet refacing may be for you, and the transformation often takes only five days or less. 

What is Cabinet Refacing?

During the cabinet refacing process, we install new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, then cover the existing cabinet boxes with a veneer to match them. Cabinet refacing improves both the appearance and durability of your kitchen cabinets without changing the familiar layout of your kitchen.



Done properly, refacing can help you achieve the results you want at a very reasonable price. It all depends on the doors you choose and which company you purchase them from. As an established, mini-remodeling company with operations throughout the United States, we’re able to command favorable pricing from top cabinet manufacturers. And we pass these savings on to you!

If you want to give your home a brand new look without a full kitchen remodel, this is an affordable alternative with little disruption to your day-to-day life. You’ll be amazed how just replacing the doors and drawer fronts, and veneer on your cabinets will really transform your kitchen.

Most cabinet refacing jobs are completed in just two to four days. And we clean the work area each day, giving you full use of your cooking areas and plumbing in the evening. This gives you the chance for renovation without disrupting the day-to-day activities in your home.

Yes. With our Refacing Plus option, we can install additional cabinets, drawers, and islands. This gives you even more options for an updated look and efficient space. We can even help you create special cabinetry like entertainment centers or home offices in other areas of your home.

For many people, do it yourself, home improvement projects can be rewarding and typically more affordable than paying professional contractors to do the job. This is, of course, if the task at hand is relatively straightforward. However, refacing cabinets is a challenging project, and if mistakes are made, it can turn out more costly than using a professional service.

Though you might save on labor by taking the DIY route, you’ll still need plenty of supplies and tools to complete the job, and purchasing them can be expensive. If you cheap out and buy all the products needed at the lowest price, to save money, it will likely result in a poor-quality job.

We have relationships with manufacturers who can provide us with high-quality products at the best price. If you try purchasing similar cabinet doors and draw fronts of the same quality yourself, it’s going to be much more costly.

Kitchen cabinet refacing requires a lot of expertise and attention to detail. Hiring a professional who has had plenty of experience in carrying out cabinetry work will guarantee the end results are perfect. If you mess up, it’s on your dollar, and having to fix the issue will add costs and time to your project.

You can expect us to complete the job in two to four days; we have streamlined the process, have skilled, highly-trained professionals on hand, and all the tools and materials needed available. Even the most skilled DIY enthusiast will struggle to complete the work within a week, and that’s if they get it right the first time.

If you are firmly determined to reface your cabinets yourself, realize that you don’t get the guarantees that a professional cabinet refacing company offers if you mess up. If you want a fast, professional service using high-quality tools and supplies, save yourself the stress and hire skilled cabinet refacing experts such as ourselves.

Need More Space?

Add cabinets to create a more efficient kitchen


Yes! With our Refacing Plus option, we can install additional cabinets, drawers, and islands. Adding cabinets will give you even more options for an updated look and a more efficient space. We can even help you create special cabinetry like entertainment centers or home offices in other areas of your home.

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